For weeks now i've been calling it the "swedish vampire movie". I read one review which said it was excellent but did not finish the review nor did I seek out any other reviews. Any time i have mentioned this film to someone, they themselves have not seen it but know of someone who did claiming it the best vampire film they've seen yet. So suffice it to say, i did not know much about this film other than:
1) it's swedish
2) it's about young kids and vampires
3) it's suppose to be really good.
I finally saw it this weekend and it by all means exceeded expectations.
Without giving too much away it's about a boy and a girl, one of which is a vampire, and their feelings of alienation and love. The film has the effectiveness of being equally beautiful yet frightening, violent yet tender, tragic yet hopeful and strangely funny at times.

Official film website here
NYTimes review here

p.s. - as the above NYTimes article explains, the actual title is "Let the Right One In", which is supposedly a line taken from the Morrissey song "Let the Right One Slip In".

Let the Right One Slip In

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