1973 film by Alejandro Jodorowsky
it's like jesus christ superstar set in willy wonka's chocolate factory gone awry and on acid.
very much paved the way for artists like matthew barney
to be expected when you've got john lennon and yoko ono wanting to financially back your entire film.



The weekend brought 85º weather and all of new york was out and about.
Rather than fight over a measly square foot of grass at the park, decided to check out Coney island instead.
It was nice to see the place one last time in all it's dilapidated glory. Not sure when the "revitalizing" will actually begin but it'll be a sad, sad day when only the cyclone and wonder wheel are left surrounded by overpriced luxury condos and lame shopping malls.
ps - the Cyclone is totally worth the $8!
shout out goes to dr who was on camera duty and who diligently documented our field trip for your viewing pleasure.





Arthur Russell
"avant-garde composer, singer-songwriter, cellist, and disco producer"

Although relatively unknown during his lifetime, not a day goes by these days without his name being dropped.
thanks to a series of reissues in recent years, he's been getting some belated recognition and credit where credit is due.
and if the New Yorker is already on it, then you're already too late.

and now there's a documentary, Wild Combination to hit NYC in oct at IFC center



wrote this a couple weeks ago but forgot to post....oops!

Much in the same way that This American Life podcasts have shed light on the sub-prime mortgage crisis, credit default swaps, and basically the largest financial calamity since the depression, so does the Bill Moyers' interview with William K. Black, "the former senior regulator who cracked down on banks during the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s" shed light on the bank bailouts.

Throughout this whole bailout controversy, i've heard the opposition counter with a very valid "why should taxpayers bear the burden?" and though i can understand not wanting to pay more taxes and the need for accountability, i've always assumed that the Obama administration would do what is best in preventing a complete total meltdown of the financial system and would make good on their campaign promises. I can't comprehend the scope nor the complexities of this mess and if they're telling me i have to pay more taxes (not that we have choice), I accept this because the government says it is for the greater good. We are all forced to rely and trust that the president we have elected and the administration that he has appointed will act honestly and in good faith....right?

Well, via a Glenn Greenwald tip, i watched the William K. Black interview on the Bill Moyer's show and it made me reconsider much of what i thought i knew and trusted. Basically the duping isn't done.....We (taxpayers) are STILL getting duped and we don't even know it. We should be outraged and very wary of what is being passed off as "saving" the economy. Black claims the bailout is just a cover-up, that those supposedly "fixing" the economy are directly responsible and sympathetic to the those who "created" the largest financial calamity since the great depression and are really just concerned with obfuscating the facts in hopes of pulling another one over the taxpayers.

Watch interview here and watch the whole thing! Starts to get really interesting around 14:00...I promise.


on what was the hottest day of the year yet, got out of the city on saturday to go hiking at Harriman state park.





no rhyme, no reason....
just like.


ok, so you've got a school assignment and it's to make a stop animation short for your intro to filmaking class and you turn in what you think is a pretty damn good go at it and then there's the quiet asian dude who hasn't said a word all semester and he turns in this:

darn that Takeuchi Taijin, such an overachiever!

stop motion by Takeuchi Taijin via BOOOOOOOM!


Cousins? of course they're cousins!
It makes so much sense now that these two brilliant minds would be related....

not sure if it's worth $150 ticket but it does sound awesome and if anyone would like to take me, i would not say no.



Am finding less and less time to post so here's the past week at a glance:

1) Kill baby, kill - classic italian horror just asking to be on mystery science theater 3000

2) pasta e fagioli a.k.a. pasta fazool - easy, hearty. will last for days.

3) dog sitting - maize the french bull dog vs. wolfie the wolfman

4) Sin Nombre
true or false: I saw this movie because the director is hot.
this statement is partly true only because my friend framed it as a selling point and might have not been so curious or adamant about seeing it had the director not been as hot but also, to my friend's credit (!) this movie also made quite a stir at Sundance this year taking home the excellence in directing and cinematography awards.

and as to whether Cary Joji Fukunaga is hot or not, i will let you decide for yourself:

according to my obsessed friend, he is fluent in several languages, gives an excellent and charming interview in spanish which can be seen on you tube, tried his luck at being a pro-snowboarder, got his graduate degree at NYU film school and lives somewhere in brooklyn.

So after seeing the movie, hearing repeatedly how hot he is, and getting his curriculum vitae recited to me in detail, i admit i was a little curious. When i got home, i looked him up but did not find out much more than what my friend already disclosed to me except that he's swedish-japanese and though i generally believe friends shouldn't let friends stalk....
gm, he's a BK heights man!