I think everyone can relate to the anticipation and excitement they feel when they discover something cool (and in my case, not polish) is opening up in their neighborhood. Well, i have just discovered that a mexican joint and a delightful cafe/deli/bakery have opened up within close proximity to me.
Within 2 minutes of reading one of the articles on the Brooklyn Based website, it was able to give me gold in what i thought was a very nuggetless Greenpoint....

"fresh and local mexican street food restaurant in Greenpoint Brooklyn. All food is made from scratch daily using the freshest ingredients available."
via South of the Border by way of Greenpoint article

The Brooklyn Standard
"a source for convenient, but responsible snacks" specializing "in Vegan and Vegetarian foods, and all natural meats. All products are homemade using local farm fresh ingredients. In house bakery, fresh squeezed juice, organic salads".
via The New Brooklyn Market Crib Sheet article

ch-ch-check out the Brooklyn Based website here

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