Am finding less and less time to post so here's the past week at a glance:

1) Kill baby, kill - classic italian horror just asking to be on mystery science theater 3000

2) pasta e fagioli a.k.a. pasta fazool - easy, hearty. will last for days.

3) dog sitting - maize the french bull dog vs. wolfie the wolfman

4) Sin Nombre
true or false: I saw this movie because the director is hot.
this statement is partly true only because my friend framed it as a selling point and might have not been so curious or adamant about seeing it had the director not been as hot but also, to my friend's credit (!) this movie also made quite a stir at Sundance this year taking home the excellence in directing and cinematography awards.

and as to whether Cary Joji Fukunaga is hot or not, i will let you decide for yourself:

according to my obsessed friend, he is fluent in several languages, gives an excellent and charming interview in spanish which can be seen on you tube, tried his luck at being a pro-snowboarder, got his graduate degree at NYU film school and lives somewhere in brooklyn.

So after seeing the movie, hearing repeatedly how hot he is, and getting his curriculum vitae recited to me in detail, i admit i was a little curious. When i got home, i looked him up but did not find out much more than what my friend already disclosed to me except that he's swedish-japanese and though i generally believe friends shouldn't let friends stalk....
gm, he's a BK heights man!


arlene said...

syrettey, you are so hilarious. i love your blog. i'm a frequent stalker. i've been wanting to see this movie since it came out at the sunshine cinema. did you know that the director was there on opening day? yep. i missed it. and yes, to answer your question, he is very hot. sizzling.

-- lil bit

Ginny said...

I agree with Bit Bit, HOT.

captain S said...

ha, i put a hot guy on my blog and now the comments start comin'. i see how it works...hi girls, how are you?

Grace said...

As much as I want to post a review on the well done film work by an emerging talented young director, and gush about his awesomeness, I find it far more interesting to state that your mind is a recorder!