A coworker convinced me to check out Nick Cave's Soundsuits at the Jack Shainman Gallery. No, not Nick Cave the musician but the artist/modern dancer. Just a glance at some of the images from the gallery website were compelling enough for me to drag my lazy ass on a friday afternoon (mind you after a grueling work week) to Chelsea. The hairy creatures are made for movement but unfortunately, at the gallery the figures are not moving and you don't get to see the multitude of colors underneath the surface but there are more ornate and elaborate pieces which are equally fantastic and pictures just don't do them justice. I have included some information from the gallery's artist info sheet below the pics, but I highly recommend going without knowing anything, makes the figures more wondrous and allows the imagination to wander. Also, all you SF people, the solo exhibition will be opening in march at Yerba Buena Art center.....GO!

From the gallery's artist info sheet:
"Soundsuits, named for the sounds made when the sculptures are worn, are as reminiscent of African and religious ceremonial costumes as they are of haute couture......He is as interested in fashion and cultural, ritualistic and ceremonial concepts as he is in politics, a domain that has always been part of his work as demonstrated by acts of collecting and reconfiguring elements and concealing the identity, race, and gender, of those who wear his suits. Rendering them faceless and anonymous the suits help these individuals transcend the political realm in order to enter the realm of dreams and fantasy."



yes i am, and posting will probably be infrequent. but i leave you with this pretty little ditty.
∆ paul james - loves diseasepic by cody pickens, via the Beholder


Haha...Dating a Banker Anonymous?
It's the Economy, Girlfriend from NYTimes:

"Once it was seen as a blessing in certain circles to have a wealthy, powerful partner who would leave you alone with the credit card while he was busy brokering deals. Now, many Wall Street wives, girlfriends and, increasingly, exes, are living the curse of cutbacks in nanny hours and reservations at Masa or Megu. And that credit card? Canceled."

Am i being heartless, or does this seem absurd?



The Ox is the sign of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. They say those born in Ox years are said to have the best bovine qualities; a born leader, being quite dependable and possessing an innate ability to achieve great things. Coincidentally, Obama was born in an Ox year (1961) and I would say it's rather auspicious that our president begins his term in the year of the ox.
And for everyone else? According to the NYTimes, 2009 is looking well...a little inauspicious. article here



Can't remember where i found this or the artist's name but wish i was crashin' this tonight!

∆ matt & kim - i wanna




And just like that, Obama has vowed to shut down Guantánamo Site and C.I.A. Prisons within a year. May not be soon enough but at least he made the decision.

NYTimes article here



This morning I walked into the elevator with an executive assistant and he told me that the next couple of days were going to be a "bloodbath". his exact words.
How's that to start your day?!

I guess I should have seen this coming since rumors were going around last week and it is the end of the fiscal year but yesterday was filled with such excitement and hope...

11 people out of about 100 were let go today at work.
3 of which were from my department.
Of the three, one had been there from the very start of the company.

It has been a somber and sobering day.



Yes, people are excited. A coworker, who is not your baking type, made and brought these in. We've been blocked from video at my office so going to the local bar to check out the speeches....very very excited.
If you need to get into the spirit. Listen to This American Life's podcast on Inauguration here



On what seemed like the coldest day of winter yet, I got out of work early last Wednesday to go to a taping of The Daily Show. This was the 2nd attempt at going as the first in October failed (i was 10 people shy of the getting in...major bum out). But if you make the effort, wait in line, and don't get in, the daily show peeps do have pity and allow you to get VIP tickets the next time around so you don't have to get there at 3pm and wait in a ridiculous line. Instead you get there by 4:30 pm and wait in a significantly less ridiculous line.
I highly recommend checking out a show if ever in town or even if you live here, it's free! I was straight laughing for a half an hour. I admit i might have been a little giddy from the lights and cameras but cheeks and stomach were definitely sore by the end.
Watch the show I attended here. If you listen hard enough, you can hear me cackling.
Also excellent, Bill Moyers interview with Stewart in 2007 (thanks dr). Very cool to hear him speak candidly about the daily show, it's purpose and why he does what he does.
So, so intelligent, perceptive, smart and funny.



Grrrr...been preoccupied with the reconfiguring and organizing of my digital music library. it's been taking me days so i really have nothing to post except this weekend, I got to fit in a show and film.

crystal stilts - crystal stilts
i read an article where someone classified them as garage-pop. i guess it's appropriate since they tread somewhere between 60's psych/garage rock and post-punk/new wave.
do i smell a truce?

and Carlos Reygadas' Silent Light
it is an "art film" so expect challenging but you will be rewarded with stunning.



Went to dinner with a friend last night and as we were paying the check, a woman came up to me and handed me this....

We were sitting at the counter and her party was sitting behind us at a booth. She really only had a view of my back so when she handed me the drawing I was a bit stunned, 1) i had no idea what she was about to give me and 2) from her vantage point, drawing an accurate portrait would have been like pulling a rabbit out of hat. As she handed me the drawing she said something along the lines of, "I like to draw interesting people and i just wanted to let you know that you are adorable, thank you."
Who goes around saying nice things and inflating egos like that? and in New York no less? I was extremely touched by the gesture and kept on repeating "thank you, you're so sweet" but couldn't help wondering for a split second, if it may have been a pick-up line. But! we were both in the company of men?
Conclusion: she clearly, was not from around here.

The mystery doodler obviously took artistic license (don't worry mom, i have not taken up smoking). Not sure how much of a likeness there really is but who cares? my comic book self is super adorably sassy!

Realizing that i didn't even get her name, I tracked her down outside the diner and thanked her again. She seemed extremely sweet. She's an artist and in fact, not from around here but visiting from Indianapolis. She goes by the name of Mab.


HAPPY 2009!

Brought in the new year with good folks and some....absinthe?!
let's just say the night ended with an impromtu poetry reading.
out of control...

nikon d40's unite

thanks J+J for the new year's gift...I love them

A toast to all....May 2009 be filled with self-actualization.
∆ mountain goats - this year