And just like that, Obama has vowed to shut down Guantánamo Site and C.I.A. Prisons within a year. May not be soon enough but at least he made the decision.

NYTimes article here


Anonymous said...

if only we can get/push/encourage obama to prosecute those whom sanctioned torture at the highest levels.

his attorney general nominee eric holder has stated in his confirmation hearing that "waterboarding is torture" and that "no one is above the law". and after that initial meeting surprise surprise:


"Asked if he wants specific guarantees that certain officials would not be prosecuted, Cornyn (republican-holding up the confirmation), a former Texas attorney general, said, "I want some assurance we aren't going to be engaged in a witch hunt. That would be unfair."

...god forbid THE LAW is enforced! anything but that! this being america and all!

captain S said...

and you know if the parties were reversed and republicans were the incoming administration...there would most definitely be a witch hunt. why is that?

Anonymous said...

the republican party, and the democrats, but to a lesser degree i believe, have been about the party good above all else-even that of the country. the best example of this is karl rove and his "permanent republican majority"-breaking laws and destroying lives to win elections in battleground states.

why are the parties/republican prone to this behavior? hard to say. the founders depended on a hearty debate...but systematic corruption?

many now say that the events of 9-11 "radicalized" our population-the governent, the press, the people. and that party, being in power, found itself incapable of critical thought. for eight years it acted as a single entity-to approve and fight for anything the administration wanted. & that, obviously, is not the role of congress.