A coworker convinced me to check out Nick Cave's Soundsuits at the Jack Shainman Gallery. No, not Nick Cave the musician but the artist/modern dancer. Just a glance at some of the images from the gallery website were compelling enough for me to drag my lazy ass on a friday afternoon (mind you after a grueling work week) to Chelsea. The hairy creatures are made for movement but unfortunately, at the gallery the figures are not moving and you don't get to see the multitude of colors underneath the surface but there are more ornate and elaborate pieces which are equally fantastic and pictures just don't do them justice. I have included some information from the gallery's artist info sheet below the pics, but I highly recommend going without knowing anything, makes the figures more wondrous and allows the imagination to wander. Also, all you SF people, the solo exhibition will be opening in march at Yerba Buena Art center.....GO!

From the gallery's artist info sheet:
"Soundsuits, named for the sounds made when the sculptures are worn, are as reminiscent of African and religious ceremonial costumes as they are of haute couture......He is as interested in fashion and cultural, ritualistic and ceremonial concepts as he is in politics, a domain that has always been part of his work as demonstrated by acts of collecting and reconfiguring elements and concealing the identity, race, and gender, of those who wear his suits. Rendering them faceless and anonymous the suits help these individuals transcend the political realm in order to enter the realm of dreams and fantasy."

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