Went to dinner with a friend last night and as we were paying the check, a woman came up to me and handed me this....

We were sitting at the counter and her party was sitting behind us at a booth. She really only had a view of my back so when she handed me the drawing I was a bit stunned, 1) i had no idea what she was about to give me and 2) from her vantage point, drawing an accurate portrait would have been like pulling a rabbit out of hat. As she handed me the drawing she said something along the lines of, "I like to draw interesting people and i just wanted to let you know that you are adorable, thank you."
Who goes around saying nice things and inflating egos like that? and in New York no less? I was extremely touched by the gesture and kept on repeating "thank you, you're so sweet" but couldn't help wondering for a split second, if it may have been a pick-up line. But! we were both in the company of men?
Conclusion: she clearly, was not from around here.

The mystery doodler obviously took artistic license (don't worry mom, i have not taken up smoking). Not sure how much of a likeness there really is but who cares? my comic book self is super adorably sassy!

Realizing that i didn't even get her name, I tracked her down outside the diner and thanked her again. She seemed extremely sweet. She's an artist and in fact, not from around here but visiting from Indianapolis. She goes by the name of Mab.


Minzy said...

Sassy, alright.

Amber said...

What a nice way to start the new year!

captain S said...

mooney...when are you moving to ny?