On what seemed like the coldest day of winter yet, I got out of work early last Wednesday to go to a taping of The Daily Show. This was the 2nd attempt at going as the first in October failed (i was 10 people shy of the getting in...major bum out). But if you make the effort, wait in line, and don't get in, the daily show peeps do have pity and allow you to get VIP tickets the next time around so you don't have to get there at 3pm and wait in a ridiculous line. Instead you get there by 4:30 pm and wait in a significantly less ridiculous line.
I highly recommend checking out a show if ever in town or even if you live here, it's free! I was straight laughing for a half an hour. I admit i might have been a little giddy from the lights and cameras but cheeks and stomach were definitely sore by the end.
Watch the show I attended here. If you listen hard enough, you can hear me cackling.
Also excellent, Bill Moyers interview with Stewart in 2007 (thanks dr). Very cool to hear him speak candidly about the daily show, it's purpose and why he does what he does.
So, so intelligent, perceptive, smart and funny.

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