So after 2 full days of traveling and 2 days in the camper with the family.....I am alive.

NZ is gorgeous. Since we are driving the whole length of this place, we are covering a lot of ground and there is a lot of driving to be done which is mostly what we've done so far. Since i have 7 minutes and 31 seconds remaining on this session, I'm going to make it quick.

DAY 1: arrived in Auckland around 6 pm, had a nice dinner by the wharf and crashed. I was literally a zombie.

DAY 2: picked up the camper van, which is pretty sweet for what it is. It comes with tons of storage, microwave, tv (doesn't really work), french press, toaster, dishware/utensils, fridge, shower, toilet....pretty much everything.

We basically drove all day and arrived at Hahei camp at around 5ish. Took a walk along the beautiful white sand beach. Went on a run. Mom made a steak dinner and then we all crashed.

DAY 3: Got up at 7am, went on a hike with my brother-in-law to Cathedral Cove (which is gorgeous). Went for a swim at a beach that i pretty much had to myself. We then drove about 5 hours to Rotorua (the adventure capital of NZ) and went straight to the luging mountain. Let's just say as i was walking towards where you pick up your luge, i saw a boy walking in the opposite direction with a bloody nose. I made out in one piece, uninjured. After luging, went to our campsite and walked into town for a nice dinner out. I had a fish burger and waikato beer. Crashed shortly thereafter.

to be continued.....

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