the fields

fit for a dog

Debbie was a doll. we talked for an hour about textiles, weaving, work....life. I was considering buying the turkish kilim rug she's sitting on but was worried it wouldn't fit in my living room. Not only did she knock off $100 but she let me take home the rug without paying for it and without any obligation. If i decide to keep it, i just send her a check. If I decide i don't like it, i just send it back to her. The honor system is alive and well.

almost bought this for the living room until i saw the price tag. it was pretty substantial in size but $450 is crazy talk.
i asked the guy manning the booth what's the story with the painting, he didn't know much about it but apparently it's from the book of revelations and it depicts a clearly awesome dream that john had.......

absolutely the best kettle corn ever!
it's officially tradition along with the lobster roll and lemonade

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