So fall lasted 2 weeks and now it feels like the dead of winter in the middle of october. Been trying to cook more so i don't have to leave the warmth of the apartment.

farmer's market ingredients waiting to go into a corn chowder

sage apple pie with shaker crust
the product of last week's apple pickin'


steven karl said...

What? You bake? Wish we went apple picking when we were roommates-haha! Oh wait, the apartment we lived in only had a sliver of a kitchen. sigh.

captain S said...

haha...i know, who would've thought that i baked. yeah..unfortunately for you, i think i cultivated the baking thing after we were roomates.

arlene said...

hello darling, this looks yummy. may i please have the recipe? oh and btw, having a lil bit get-to-gather on the 29th for y'know, that time of year. 8 pm since it's a school nite. will fill you w/ details tmrw or mon. miss you!