I generally make it a rule of thumb not to go to concerts that cost over $20. There are bands ad infinitum to go see and to see all of them would break the bank so i try to see lesser known bands that are quietly doing their thing and actually need the support. As a result, I am resigned to the fact that I probably will never see bands like Broken
Social Scene because they now command over $30 ticket prices or they headline at free concerts like the Siren Music Festival which requires zen like patience, superman eyesight and hearing like a bat......unless !!! someone buys you tickets to a proper viewing for your birthday.

Let me begin by saying that the Canadian musicians/bands I've seen (i've seen a few), know how to put on a good show and are often distinguished by an unbridled enthusiasm and unpretentiousness. This Oct. 26th show at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple was no exception.

Opener was Land of Talk which merits checking out on their own sans the BSS clout. Liz Powell did double duty turning in a solid performance for her own band as well as filling in some big Feisty shoes for BSS. I must mention that she is built like a swimmer and sports the best bowl haircut this side of China. kind of mesmerizing.

As for BSS...
There's just something to be said about musicians who can change it up in live performances. You figure it must be a bore after the umpteenth time so this ability is not only the mark of skilled musicians but also happy musicians. Performances that stray from original recordings are a treat and I always look forward to the nuances or the not-so-nuanced nuances. I have to admit that my interest in Broken Social scene was somewhat waning but seeing them live (like all good concerts should) has renewed my interest.

pics via brooklynvegan.

checkout the the drummers blog: Justin Peroff

∆ broken social scene - major label debut
∆ broken social scene - it's all gonna break
∆ land of talk - some are lakes
∆ land of talk - young bridge

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Anonymous said...

were you the girl wearing the striped hoodie and flaring her nostrils to the beat while pointing at them? i was the bad dancer who looked like his ass was broken. i bought a beer for you but got nervous and drank it and fell asleep under the bleachers. i found your scarf the next morning and worry nightly about your cold neck. oh rocker! oh roller!