Headed up the Hudson to the lovely home of Ms. Johnson for Thanksgiving. I was lucky enough to be in the presence of people who know good food (2 of them working for Stone Barns, and another having worked for Slow foods). The hostess brined the turkey the night before and lay bacon strips over the skin as it roasted. BEST TURKEY EVER!!! so juicy, tender and tasty.
Was also introduced to Bagna cauda and cauliflower romanesco (possibly the most adorable vegetable out there).
Slightly intimidated, I contributed a Blueberry cream pie and Maple bacon butternut squash.
Hazel out ate all of us.


Anonymous said...

that pie is amazing! the symmetry with which those blueberries adorn the top is astounding! it is not humanly possible! how could it be!
out of control pie making! must be stopped! threat to all of humanity!

captain S said...
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Anonymous said...

you're so nice! so damned gracious! kind and well mannered too!...still-you must be stopped! an evil like this the world has never known!

Amber said...

no jello?