It is soooo late, it's early.
My circadian rhythms are so out of whack right now, I thought it would be a good time to filter through all those music blogs I've neglected over the past three weeks.

Here are my findings:

∆ ducktails - wishes
∆ toro y moi - blessa
∆ ola podrida - donkey
∆ sparks - sherlock holmes
∆ atlas sound - the screens
∆ small black - despicable dogs
∆ ganglians - blood on the sand
∆ wilderness of manitoba - bluebirds
∆ simon joyner - one for the catholic girls

This Best Coast video isn't an "official" video but it still made me smile.

Genius. The below video is so weird and absurd it makes me laugh. It gets a little redundant after a while but it's still HILARIOUS. I think it's in Indonesian.

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