Or rather i have a crush on Saigon.

Whizzed through Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur and have finally settled into a place for more than 24 hours and am loving Saigon or as it is now called Ho Chi Minh city. So far it's been the most different and unique of all the cities. It feels alive and vibrant, buzzing with activity and energy and the people are great. I've also never seen so many mopeds and scooters on the streets in my entire life, i'm talking moped madness. And traffic laws? just a suggestion. Trying to cross the street is no small feat. The Park Hyatt is also the best hotel ever and one of the signature drinks you can get at the bar is called the Saigon Crush....so good, i've had one every night.

Had a day off today and went to My Tho and took a boat to some villages along the Mekong delta. I was a hot, sweaty mess but being on a sampan meandering through narrow waterways is pretty awesome.

Off to China soon.....

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