So near Asheville is the Biltmore Estate. The house was built by George Vanderbilt and is considered to be America's largest privately owned home. It is essentially America's version of Versaille. It was a pretty ridculous entrance fee at $55 plus $10 audio tour (i mean i feel like Versaille was half that much) but i figured the chances of me coming down here again are pretty slim so i splurged. I also love this kind thing....furniture...history....totally right up my alley and don't get me wrong, it is spectacular; i'm talkin' leather embossed wallpaper, frescoes imported from italy, real silver woven into velvet upholstery. The house is even equipped with indoor swimming pool and a bowling alley and this is at a time when toilets barely existed.
Olmstead designed the gardens surrounding the estate which adds to the splendor of this place.
Unfortunately, pictures of the interiors were not allowed so only got exterior shots.
If ever in the area, suck it up just pay the $60, it's pretty fantastic.

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