Am back from the Blue ridge mountains of North Carolina and struggling to settle back into brooklyn life. Penland was INCREDIBLE and successfully turned me into a lean mean weavin' machine. Have a lot of pics to post and will do so slowly in batches as i took over 400. i have to admit it's only been half a day and I already miss mountain life, being force fed delicious food, all those super nice drawl-talkin', hoola-hoopin' artsy folk, and even working in the studio till 4am like a crazy person.

the last two pictures were views from my weaving studio, one on a bright sunny day and the other one after a thunder storm. i had to look at this everyday.
uh..why do i live in brooklyn again?


sambert zsolt said...

jó képek

CatPA said...

I've always wanted to try this. And you live in Brooklyn because parts of it (along with most of NYC) ROCKS babe! :)