So, lucked out by having a dorm mate that had a car and got to check out Asheville, NC which is a very young and pretty happening town. Had a star studded weekend as i saw Will Oldham a.k.a. Bonnie "Prince" Billy, on the street and yelled his name from a car window which got his attention (he had played a show the night before). Also caught a Mt.Eerie and the Books concert and let me tell you....Asheville loves the Books. After the concert, i was chompin' on some chips waiting for my friends at a supermarket between the 2 sets of double glass doors when low and behold, Phil Elverum walks right by me. Jaw dropped and chip was suspended in mid air as my eyeballs stalked him into the supermarket as he made a hard left to look at the free papers right inside the entrance. i then proceeded to stare at him for a good 30 seconds until i got the nerve to not even walk into the supermarket but pop my head past the glass doors with open potato chip bag in hand and nervously and bashfully say, "hi, i just caught your show and...thank you!"
i know, i'm an idiot but i never know what to say in those kind of situations. It's hard not to sound like a chump but what the hell, i'll probably never see him again. Besides, he's cool and was cool about it, responding with what seemed like a sincere thank you.
it was worth it.

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