Sorry for the delay in posting as i am indeed alive.
I survived the jump however, i almost did not survive fish n' chips.
let us just say that due to some bad airport food in Christchurch on my second to last day in New Zealand, I almost got stranded in Fiji because i was so sick (that i had to see a doctor outside the airport during my layover and upon returning to the airport got so violently ill that i could not board my flight) AND having had to stay a night in Fiji, was attacked by bed bugs at the hotel. To avoid having to stay in Fiji for another 5 days since the next flight out to Honolulu was friday (the flight i missed was on a sunday!), I ended up taking a flight to LA and then onward to NY. In doing so, I thereby could not pick up my winter coat and boots in Honolulu and arrived to a freezing 25ºF NY without the proper insulation.

I am in fact, back in brooklyn but not without having gone through hell. At this time, i will not have fish n' chips for at least a year and that might prove to be too soon, AND it's unfortunate, but i think i may never want to see the Nadi, Fiji airport (mainly their bathrooms) for a long, long time which spoils any chances of going to Fiji for a long, long time.

I am a bit on the weak side but am definitely getting better and definitely glad to be back home.
what can i say, I heart brookyn. But let this not spoil my memories of this trip and of New Zealand. I realize I stopped tracking the days events after day 3 so i will give a full report a little later as soon as I upload some pictures as well.

As my sage brother-in-law so eloquently summarized the trip for me:

"OK, so it wasn't the best trip of your life, but I hope it wasn't the worst. Hell, skydiving, bungy-jumping, luging - wouldn't you know it would be the Fish & Chips that would prove the most dangerous."

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