Now that i have finally filtered through the back log of e-mails and am now up to date, let me just take the time to plug some friends that are doing awesome things as well as plug one random thing. I know my readership consists of 5 people including mom and sis but hell, it can't hurt to spread the word.

1) Joshua Ben Longo solo show goes to France!

check out the weirdness that is Longoland if you can in France, or check out his blog here
He has also recently been featured in the Hi-Fructose Collected Hardcover book here

need i say more?

2) Poet and ex-roomate, Steven Karl featured in:

Linkdownload pdf here

3) Balmorhea (Bal-mor-ay)

A funny thing happened while i was in New Zealand. A record label (thanks brian at western vinyl) e-mailed me a promotional mp3 to feature on my blog. I think they have mistaken my blog as a "music blog" and i tried explaining that my readership consists of 5 people but tis the wonder, the power (!) of the blog and internet (they say that's how animal collective got to where they are). I can't help but respect this guy's pr acumen besides, the song is pretty good. So here it is, an acoustic quartet (although from the picture, looks like a quintet) from Austin, Texas who will be playing at South by Southwest:

∆ balmorhea - harm & boon

"Balmorhea flashes brilliance only to highlight a slow-burning constancy that's at the core of one of the year's early slow wonders."
- Pitchfork

"Balmorhea, an acoustic quartet from Austin, plays tender, bucolic instrumentals that waft and linger like the remnants of a summer afternoon."
- Time Out New York


Rad Not Sad said...

You're big in Pupukea too. Three readers, hooray!

captain S said...

YES! Pupukea represent. long time no talk! i heard through the grapevine (that rare vine belonging to the one and only mj) and and gather from the numerous sf photos that things are still going strong (wink wink). this tumblr thing looks cool, thinkin' about relocating.

steven karl said...

Haha! Thanks for the shout-out & you'd be surprised that you have more readers than you think. I often get comments on my blog & realize that people I don't know are reading it. Weird. But fun. & although your blog is not necessarily a "music blog" I've gotten into the Crystal Stilts (who I'm seeing on Saturday) and Wavves both from your blog. & I absolutely love these two bands!

captain S said...

yes! would like to check out wavves. think we just missed them, but they're comin' round again in late march.

steven karl said...

Sounds perfect. I'll look into it.