So on a whim, hopped on a plane and decided to go back home to spend the weekend with family and some old friends, meet my new nephew and to celebrate being another year older.

Thanks to everyone who came out last thursday for the impromptu celebration or had intentions of coming out and to those of you who sent birthday wishes over the weekend. I truly appreciate it.

In an ode to Hawai'i and it's love for reggae, I leave you with Party Time by the Heptones.
It's simple, (i mean it is reggae) but the lyrics are words to live by

We're having a party tonight
Where everything will be alright
And come on, come on everyone, come on
It's time that we should have some fun

We've got to live some life
Before we're old
We've got to live some life
Before we're cold

Time is short, so hear me man
Let's live the life the best we can
Don't try to work your soul away
Remember there's another day

And we've got to live some life
Before we're old
And we've got to live some life
Before we're cold


Anonymous said...

nice choice! happy birthday sigs.

captain S said...

you know i can't resist the lover's rock. it was always one of my faves. thanks for dropping a line. it means a lot to me.

Hugh E. Lounges said...

Glad a "Heptones" song means a lot to you. Best wishes.

I have one bee in my bonnet though-
Not sure what you mean by "it is simple (it is reggae)"

True reggae is as deep and straightforward a resistance music as you could ever find anywhere in the world. It is possible that you would be unfamiliar with its deeper themes.

Peter Tosh, Lucky Dube, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Andy, Judy Mowatt, Marcia Griffiths, Etana, Black Uhuru, Culture, Mighty Diamonds, Jacob Miller, Everton Blender, Dennis Brown... deep.