Saw AA bondy (comprised of Scott Bondy + 2 bandmates) at Mercury Lounge a couple weeks ago. I'm just going to put this out there and i know it's a bold claim but i think it may have been the most rewarding concert i've been to in awhile. Granted i was expecting a rather mediocre show but imagine a nerdier, scragglier, rougher version of JFK Jr. singing about heaven and hell, god and man, love and hurt, turning in an almost flawless performance with the ease of a seasoned troubadour.

1) Live, these guys sound 100 times better than there recorded album. Sound quality was excellent. Bondy's voice has this unusual characteristic of sounding hallow yet full. A slight hoarseness and wavering implies a delicate rawness yet he's able to project with such clarity and power.
2) I had kind of dismissed AA bondy as kind of mellow folk act but they rock hard when they want to and it's convincing, think neil young kind of rockin'
3) Bondy plays the harmonica with such bravado it's hard not to be impressed.
4) The arrangements were so much more fluid and dynamic, even raw in comparison to the album versions.
5) he has very loyal fan base who seem to know all the lyrics to his songs and usually i would find this annoying but i guess it could also be seen as a testament to what his songs/lyrics invoke in people.

favorite Bondy quote of the evening:
"Go tweet about it, shit...." in reference to a movie that no one had seen but should see.

i'm going to post some songs but keep in mind these recordings just don't do the music justice which is really unfortunate.
Just go see AA Bondy live and ignore the overzealous frat boys and obnoxious skull cap, jersey wearin' dudes who will breath heavily on you and block your view. I feel like their presence may have been more a product of the location (manhattan) and circumstance (as there were 3 other bands playing that night) than indicative of AA bondy's music or at least i'd like to think so. In any case, not sure why they were there but i guess they're entitled to like good music too.

there's a reason
lover's waltz


but then i saw the Dirty Three a week later which was actually a dirty foursome as Nick Cave made a cameo appearance and played on piano and i'm now going to say that this was the one of the best concerts i've ever been to. period.
so good it moved me to tears and has left me speechless.


i really should've gone out last night
distant shore

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