One of my current obsessions is the Sleeping States which is the solo project of Markland Starkie. I discovered the album There The Open Spaces about 2 years ago and have been listening to that same album ever since. In fact, i listened to several songs from that album today and still have not grown tired of it.
If i had to pick a color to represent his music, i would no doubt pick grey flecked, no....maybe marbled, with aquamarine and hot pink. The general mood is very subdued and melancholic but with that said, upon hearing the first 30 seconds of a song, i oftentimes can not predict where it will go or how it will end. I find that his music is unformulaic and full of subtle surprises.
he is one of the few that i have yet to see live and am waiting patiently for him to pay a visit to NY. It's been a good 2 years since he's come out with new material but while i was away in North Carolina, Sleeping States released their 3rd full length album, Gardens of the North!!!!!!
It has been on heavy rotation ever since.

My favorite song from the new album is Rings of Saturn but couldn't find it anywhere so here are...
gardens of the south
sleeping states, or who has been rocking my dreamboat (from There the Open Spaces)

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