Discovered Staccato today.  Really liked the following story.
made me think about perception vs. reality and how the two can be confused....
and well, also relationships.

The Change In My Boa Constrictor
by Sam Beebe August 24th, 2009

My boa constrictor used to sleep in my bed. I would feel him slide in under the covers, his weight next to mine on the mattress, and it would rouse me quietly from my dozing, or my sleep. It was sweet, how after dark he sought out my warmth and company. In that way he reminded me of someone who might love me. Sometimes I would turn to him and stroke his cool skin, which was so inviting in the humid heat of summer. I traced the line of his coil with my fingertips. I could feel him falling asleep, his body going slack and supple, his heartbeat slowing.

At a certain point there was a change in him. When he was in the bed, he would no longer coil and sleep. Instead, he extended himself straightly, his body pulling taut. I felt his muscles stretching, straining to make himself as long as he could. His head would be on the extra pillow I keep for symmetry, his tail extending stiffly beyond the bottom edge of the bed, a stiffness I could feel with my searching feet. I would stroke him more then, tenderly, and whisper in what I hoped would be soothing tones. I feared he was getting sick.

I told the veterinarian. She looked at me with urgent eyes, from a blanched face. He is making himself long, the veterinarian said, to see if you would fit inside. This is how boas decide what they will or will not eat, she said. I told her that was impossible, but she shook her head and said under no circumstances should you let your boa constrictor into your bed, while you sleep. 

Now, my boa constrictor spends nights in his terrarium. Before I turn out the lights, I can see him in the reflection of the mirror, through the open bathroom door, watching me, as I take off my makeup and get ready for sleep.

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